The aim is to compare langages or software to create static and interactive dataviz.

For that, we use global temperature data from Climate Research Unit. The data are available in the following page :

The HadCRUT4 data file was downloaded the June 1st 2017, and converted into an adapted format for each langage.

Direct access to dataviz

Language HTML result Source code
Javascript d3.js without interaction js script
  plotly.js js script
R graphics Rmd file
  ggplot2 Rmd file
  dygraphs Rmd file
  plotly Rmd file
  highcharter Rmd file
  metricsgraphics Rmd file
  ggvis Rmd file
  googleVis Rmd file
python matplotlib ipynb file
  seaborn ipynb file
  bokeh ipynb file

Work under process - TODO